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Heating Installations

Heating Systems & Component Installations

Has your home’s old heating system turned into an ongoing series of expensive repairs? Is it making strange noises? Have you noticed that your heating bills have gotten more expensive with each season? New Jersey has some bitter cold snaps. We will help make sure you are prepared.

For over 40 years, Dash Mechanical has been installing, repairing and replacing heating systems in New Jersey homes. You can rely on our team of licensed technicians to install any brand and type of furnace, boiler, heat pump, and air handler.

Our knowledgeable technicians install and replace all types of residential and commercial and industrial heating and cooling systems.

  • Complete air conditioning/heating installations
  • New mini split installations
  • Furnace replacements
  • AC and boiler replacements 
  • High-efficiency equipment installations
  • Air purification systems
  • Heat pumps
  • Thermostats
  • Commercial/industrial HVAC units

We offer free estimates on all types of replacements, so call today to learn more!

Quality materials

Affordable services

Professional Team

Rebates And Financing Are Available!

Incentives are available that can make your new heating, cooling, or home comfort equipment more affordable. Energy-efficient HVAC upgrades are good for the environment and save you money on your energy costs as well. Old, inefficient systems don’t help anyone and many manufacturers and energy companies offer rebates for installing new, high-efficiency equipment.

Our integrity has been the key to our success.  We will not sell you anything you don’t need, and we will not sell anything we can’t repair.

It is difficult to find qualified contractors who are licensed and trained to install boiler systems. That’s why you can rely on Dash Mechanical! We have trained, licensed experts who understand these systems inside and out. If you think you need service or repair of your boiler system, call Dash Mechanical for a free estimate today.

Our Furnace & Boiler Installation Process

During New Jersey’s cold winter months, a reliable furnace will keep you and your family warm. Dash Mechanical follows a proven HVAC installation process to ensure the right heating system is installed for your needs. It involves the following steps:

Furnace & Boiler Manufacturer Selection

One size does not fit all. Some systems will be overkill for certain spaces and some systems will have to work too hard to deliver heat at an efficient rate. Dash Mechanical will find you the perfect fit for your needs. We install only the most efficient, dependable, and durable furnaces and boilers available today, from the industry’s best and most trusted brands.

Competitive Rates & Budget Friendly Options

New, efficient systems do not mean you have to break the bank. Affordability matters! We will do our best to locate rebates and incentives that New Jersey is offering to keep your costs in line with your budgetary needs and even locate friendly financing options as well.

Once we evaluate and analyze your current system, we will give you options for the most affordable yet efficient furnace or boiler. Please contact us if you would like to have your system evaluated or for details about the specific brands and models we have available.

What System makes the most Economical Sense? Know Your Efficiency Rating

Installing a high-efficiency furnace pays off. Investing in ENERGY STAR® certified furnaces will help you calculate the payback period. This will allow you to understand whether the furnace provides a satisfying return on your investment and makes the purchase amount worthwhile. No need to guess or wonder. We will give you all the information you need on a new furnace or boiler installation.

Installation of Your New Furnace or Boiler Will Be Worry Free

Our experienced technicians will install your new furnace according to manufacturer specifications. Your system will be calibrated for energy savings and comfort and your old equipment will be hauled away. Our clean-up will be immaculate and a new programmable thermostat will be installed.