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Avoid the Winter Chill With Reliable Heating Service

As Old Man Winter barrels down on New Jersey, you need a home heating system that you can trust. With prompt service from Dash Mechanical, you don’t have to worry about the cold.

We provide a full range of residential heating repairs and maintenance. For your comfort and convenience, we’re available for same-day and 24/7 emergency repairs. You can rely on our knowledgeable technicians for all types of home heating system services. We bring over 40 years of experience to every service call.

Professional boiler repair

Our Heating Services


Environmentally friendly, excellent for air quality & long lasting. But… Is your system efficient & running smoothly?

Energy Efficiency

Choosing an energy-efficient heating system will lower the strain on your wallet and the environment.

Emergency Services

For expert heating repair in New Jersey, we offer same-day appointments and 24/7 emergency services.

High-Efficiency Heating Helps You Cut Utility Costs

If your heating bill comes as an ugly surprise every month, it might be time to upgrade to a more efficient system. Today’s manufacturers produce state-of-the-art heating appliances that help you get the most for your money.

If you’d like to upgrade to a high-efficiency system, call Dash Mechanical. We’re an authorized Coleman dealer, and we can show you higher efficiency equipment that will lower your utility bills. We give free estimates on replacements, so call today.

Take Control of Your Comfort With a New Thermostat

Older thermostats are pretty basic. You set the desired temperature and you walk away. If you choose to change the temperature, you have to manually adjust it. For most users, it’s easier to leave the thermostat set for the same temperature all the time.

Today’s thermostats offer a wide range of high-tech features that give you more control over when and how your home’s heating and AC operate. Many models are Wi-Fi enabled, smart, and/or programmable. You can set your thermostat to operate in ways that help you cut your utility bills and keep comfortable.

  • Run the HVAC system less while you’re at work or out of town
  • Keep the house cooler at night
  • Warm up the house just before you get out of bed
  • Run the furnace less during your energy company’s peak hours

For more information about upgrading your thermostat, please call Dash Mechanical. We provide service for all brands of thermostats.