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Heating Efficiency

Energy Efficient Heating Systems In New Jersey

What kind of HVAC systems are the most efficient? More importantly, what type of HVAC system is most efficient and cost-effective for your home? While there are several types of HVAC systems, no one system is best for every home. There are pros and cons to almost every system and depending on what you currently have, it may still be more cost-effective to stay with your current system rather than upgrade.

These questions can only be answered with a proper evaluation and Dash Mechanical is happy to assist you in that process. We have been evaluating and watching the different products and technology evolve for over 40 years. Put our experience to work for you and become more energy efficient now or in the future.

Your heating system is an essential element to keeping your home comfortable, but it is also one of the most expensive, on-going energy-utilizing appliances in your home. An energy-efficient heating system will use less electricity and fuel to produce the same amount of warm air.

Contact us for a free evaluation of your heating system and see if a more energy-efficient system will lower the strain on your wallet and the environment.

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How Can You Tell If You Have A High-Efficiency Heating System?

The AFUE rating of the heating system should be checked. AFUE, or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, is a rating that indicates how efficient a heater is. Energy efficiency is calculated by dividing the amount of fuel consumed by the amount of heat output.

A heater with an AFUE rating of 95% converts 95% of the fuel into heat and wastes only 5%, which usually goes through the vents. Compared to an 80% AFUE-rated heater that wastes around 20% of fuel, this system is highly efficient.

The AFUE rating of a heating system can be found on its label. If you don’t see the AFUE rating on the label, or if you can’t find the label, the AFUE rating can be found on the manufacturer’s website.