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Cooling Efficiency

Energy-Efficient Cooling Systems In New Jersey

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The Benefits Of Upgrading Your Air Conditioning System

Any upgrade will reduce your energy consumption first. An average-sized house cooled by a 20-year-old air conditioner might use 6 kWh of electricity. With a modern AC system, that same house could be cooled for as little as 1.71 kWh. Due to advanced features like the two-stage scroll compressor, which replaced the old piston-driven compressors, this performance is possible.

A quieter air conditioner is another benefit of improving its energy efficiency. Modern models generate only 68 decibels of sound, which is about 1/20th of the noise made by old units due to improvements in compressor technology and fan blade design. As a result, you will not be disturbed by the noise of an old AC compressor in your yard.